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The Can-Do Child™ Toolkit

If you're looking for practical, straightforward help to your child develop essential life skills, you've come to the right place. From activity cards, apps, and books, to videos and interactive learning programmes and workshops, we have a growing toolkit to help parents and educators.

"Children don't come with a manual so the best way I have of supporting parents is to give them a toolbox and for me the way The Can-Do Child is being delivered is some really cool tools in their toolbox." Dr Amanda Gummer, UK's leading expert on play, play development, and child development.

Good Toy Guide

We are delighted that both sets of Can-Do Child® cards, and the Easy Early Learning cards have been endorsed by the Good Toy Guide. Following independent testing by families, nurseries, and child carers their review says '...the cards are also ideal for parents and childminders who are looking for enjoyable activities that help their youngsters develop a wide range of soft skills, which are valuable throughout a child’s life for school, work and general wellbeing. The pack of cards is compact enough to travel with, and each card is high quality and durable so parents can take just a couple of cards for inspiration when out and about. There is also a handy guide on the back of each card that shows the skills the activity supports, which childminders will find really useful for writing their observations, and will help parents understand the value of each activity.' (Can-Do Child cards)

"Perfect for nurseries, educators, and child minders, working with busy parents to support and extend children's learning in a fun, accessible way. It's great seeing children engaging in a wide range of activities that boost their confidence and key transferrable skills. Many of the activities need very little preparation and we enjoyed seeing how this enabled the adults to be more spontaneous and react to the moods of the children". (Easy Early Learning cards)

Can-Do Child activity cardsCan-Do Child Activity cards - be inspired by these unique activity cards for parents, educators, and anyone wanting to activity ideas for children age 3-7 years. Packed with simple, practical ideas and inspiration to enjoy the everyday whilst nurturing children's can-do character and skills, you'll find our 'at a glance' grid on the back of each card showing the characteristics and skills children are learning through the activities. Available for ages 3-5 years and age 5-7 years.


Feedback from parents, nurseries, playgroups, and childminders has been overwhelmingly positive:

can do child activity cards"What a great idea! I often struggle with ideas to keep the kids busy at home but keen to make sure what they do is helping them with what they're learning at school too. These are ideal."

"I can't wait to try these activities out. So many of them are based around the things we do in our family everyday, I didn't realise how easy it could be!"

"I love the quality of these cards, they feel strong like they won't tear easily and will withstand spills and muddy fingers."

Can-Do Child™ Activity Cards

Free downloadable content samples

Can-Do Child Activity Cards age 3-5
Can-Do Child Activity Cards age 5-7
Easy Early Learning phonics and character card samples, 2½-5 years

Buy on-line now:

Can-Do Child™ Activity cards - age 3-5 years Can-Do Child™ Activity cards - age 3-5 years, £15.95 incl. VAT

58 cards to inspire busy parents and anyone caring for children age 3-5 years.

Packed with simple, practical ideas to enjoy the everyday and nurture children's can-do character and skills.

Actual card size: 15cm x 10.5cm 



Can-Do Child™ Activity cards - age 5 - 7 years Can-Do Child™ Activity cards - age 5 - 7 years, £15.95 incl. VAT

58 cards to inspire busy parents and anyone caring for children age 5-7 years.

Packed with simple, practical ideas to enjoy the everyday and nurture children's can-do character and skills.

Actual card size: 15cm x 10.5cm 



Easy Early Learning EYFS Activity cards to inspire Nurseries, Playgroups, Childminders, Parents, and Home schoolers Easy Early Learning EYFS Activity cards to inspire Nurseries, Playgroups, Childminders, Parents, and Home schoolers , £15.95 incl. VAT

26 Aa-Zz fun, phonic, activity and ideas cards covering all areas of the Early Years Foundation stage framework. Bite size, at-a-glance fun activities to support and extend children's learning. Easy Early Learning Can-Do Activity Cards

52 activity cards packed with simple, practical activity ideas requiring little or no planning or extra money. Enjoy the everyday and nurture children's can-do character and skills such as problem solving, social skills, self-regulation, critical thinking, resourcefulness, and the ability to play and work well with others.

Sold as one set (total 78 cards) for age 2½-5 years. Actual card size: 15cm x 10.5cm 




The Can-Do Child

The Can-Do Child: Enriching the Everyday the Easy Way is Lorraine's second book, published by ReThink Press on 1st February 2017. Discover simple and practical ways to turn everyday situations and occasional planned activities into enjoyable, creative opportunities for quality time.

It is an inspiring and essential book for parents and anyone who cares for, or works with, children from early years upwards.

"This book will help you to help children become happier, more independent, enterprising and resourceful. I thoroughly recommend it for both parents and professionals." Dr Lynne Kenney, Psy.D Practicing Pediatric Psychologist, international speaker and educator, co-author of Bloom

Available to buy from Amazon and all good bookshops right now, the book has already received 100% 5 star reviews from parents, grandparents, teachers, and more! We are able to offer a co-branding oportunity for organisations interested in purchasing bulk copies (100+) of the book. Drop us an email to discuss further.


Enterprising Child - the bookLorraine's first book was published in 2012 following extensive research to understand how family influences and parenting styles impacted upon the development of children who grew up to innovate and inspire and make a positive impact upon the world. It has been immensely popular world-wide with both parents and teachers.

It is a practical guide to developing children's enterprising potential through play from the age of four, and explores the wider concepts of what it means to be enterprising, supporting readers to help children think and act in ways which will help them make the best of whatever opportunities and challenges life presents. It is packed with resources, guidance, and inspiring stories.

Enterprising Child currently has 95% five star reviews on amazon.co.uk and 100% 5 star reviews on amazon.com

Buy Enterprising Child on Amazon


Accredited learningWe run a variety of workshops for parent employees, parent educators, teachers, and parents. The workshops can be tailored to meet your particular needs, and are always energising, inspiring, and highly participative. We have run workshops for parents through primary schools, as well as in family centres, and are currently going through the process of accreditation for our parent-educator training based on the Can-Do Child® philosophy and approach. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we'd love to help.




Recommended by The Good App Guide Developed by professionals based on years of practical experiences working with families and children, independently tested by families, and recommended by The Good App Guide, the first app called 'Enterprising Child' is available to download focused on supporting your child in becoming a confident and competent communicator through fun and easy offline activities. Discover some great new ways to keep the children busy, knowing they are having fun and developing essential can-do skills.

"As a family, the activities are very, very special. They bring us together and make us actually appreciate, respect and understand each other when you're trying to solve a problem or helping each other out on a path." Caroline H, parent.

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Downloadable Resources

Coming soon - a selection of free resources to download and use at home or in the classroom.

Activity Channel

Watch our range of videos showing families enjoying can-do activity ideas.


Enterprise Ahead for Parent-Employees

Enterprise Ahead is an interactive programme supporting parent-employees nurture and unlock the can-do potential in their children. It can be delivered to parent-employees in the workplace or through online technology. Find out more


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